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Contact our team and we will guide you to sell your works.

On-line, platform for the sale of paintings and sculptures by painters, galleries and art dealers.

The innovative platform TheBillionArt, aimed at buying and selling art online, makes it easy for painters, galleries and art dealers to publish their works for sale for free.

This platform has a system for uploading works of art through a form and online store for the acquisition of works

Why sell art online ?

Galleries, exhibitions, and direct sales are ancient ways that artists sell artwork to collectors and interested parties.

The main advantages of the Internet as an art sales channel are obvious: collectors will be able to discover new works of art according to their tastes or needs of artists from another part of the world, and buy their works immediately in less than 2 minutes.

Buyers have the opportunity to meet the artists and they can personally respond to buyers' questions. 

Sites to sell art online ?

With a large quantity available for sale for each type of art, our team recommends the use of centralized platforms where art lovers focus to discover and buy new works for their collection.

This choice is recommended since platforms such as have a purchase and sale service directly online, security for buyers and sellers, and once you have made the sale, they will take care of the logistics. Companies like this focus on the fact that the painter only has to paint and the sales platforms, sell.  

How to sell paintings online?

  1. Head to "sell" in our menu tab.

  2. Cover your personal data so that we can contact you.

  3. Fill in the artist details and information about the work.

  4. Write us the history of the work and in case of being an artist a brief biography of you.

  5. Finally, we ask you for an image from the front and another from the back.

Sell your work on WhatsApp or Telegram!

One of the facilities that TheBillionArt provides is that by contacting by WhatsApp or Telgram you can upload your works to the store, covering some data and taking 2 images.

+ 34 604 23 20 29

It will only take you 2 minutes!

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Private online art sales 

Not all art buyers want to participate in public auctions. Many of them prefer anonymity . In this way, TheBillionArt has been developing a new way to reach the entire spectrum through private sales.

The importance of this new way of managing the art market lies mainly in the flexibility it provides. But not only that, there is an interesting fact about buyer information.  

We are looking for clients who want to add a work to their collection. Some works are from the lost collection of a certain artist. They are looking for it, and the work was brought to them. "As for the types of art traded in these private transactions, it is mainly old paintings, modern art, impressionism, and contemporary art.

What are private art sales like?

TheBillionArt team has a section solely focused on private sales, this type of sale is one of the most popular and makes up 60% of our total sales.

This style of sale is defined giving the assurance that a work that is in an institution or in a private collection is never known to be for sale .

Only selected people  they may know it and very few people who present a purchase intention will be able to have a personal meeting to show information about the work. 

Belonging to a group in your sector increases your popularity, connects new clients and strengthens your prestige.

How can contemporary artists sell art on the internet?

If you are an artist and want to make a living out of it, you should know that you not only need to paint well or be creative , but you also need to have the skills to sell your paintings. Knowing where and how to market is important so you don't waste precious time.

One of the main purposes of TheBillionArt is the dissemination and promotion at an international level of painters, galleries and art dealers, showing their products through the best marketing, advertising and generating a high ranking for each one.

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Connect galleries and dealers with new art collectors.

"If your business is not on the internet , your business does not exist "  

Online positioning for art galleries is essential, getting your works to new collectors is vital to generate sales .  

The TheBillionArt platform gives galleries and dealers the facilities to bring their canvases, engravings, lithographs, drawings, sculptures ... to new buyers.  

Our main business key is to allow thousands of people to access the most important art collection in the industry from anywhere in the world, discovering new works for sale or unrecognized painters. On the other hand, we offer a new space for those small art spaces that have no choice but to position their art galleries online.

Sell art online for free

If you want to succeed in the art world , it is very important to incorporate a specialized digital marketing strategy. That is why I comment on these two concepts that any artist should contemplate, but that there seems to be a gulf between them. Marketing and art are two concepts that always go hand in hand. In this way, if there is an artistic or creative element, a digital marketing strategy developed especially for the artistic market will always be successful. Currently, having an art sales plan is essential to determine the sales possibilities of your product and the capabilities that they will have in the future. In short ... How much more difficult is it for a painter to make a portrait without a sketch