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Rafael Sainzo

LaMadonna Del Divino Amore

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Described in Vasari's books.
- Dr. Carlo Pedretti, 1978
- Dr. Carlo Pedretti, 1994
- Chemical analysis of Martino Oberto 1978
- Chemical analysis by McCrone Research Institute, 1981
- Canvas analysis by Prof. Dr. E. and E. Jaegers, 2012
- Canvas age by ETH Zurich May 2012


Cardinal Leonello Da Carpi, 1517 (commissioned by him)
- Rodolfo Pio Da Carpi, Farnese Palace, Rome 1564
- Farnese Palace, Rome, circa 1600-1680
- Fernando II Collection, Palermo, circa 1798
- Royal Museum Barbonico, Napoli, circa 1821
- Swiss private collection around 1934
- Andamor Art Establishment, Liechtenstein Collection 1971
- Private collection since 1978
Carlo Pedretti

This Rafael masterpiece was certified by Professor Carlo Pedretti.

He is the highest authority in the world in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael and other Italian Renaissance masters.

Sole professional appointed to study the works held by
Queen Elizabeth II, at Buckingham Palace, as well as at Windsor Castle.