What is TheBillionArt?

TheBillionArt is the world's most advanced private art buying and selling operations center.

The TBA system receives works offered by Marchantes, Galleries ... these are identified and analyzed by our curatorial team, once they certify that they are original they are put up for sale.

The importance that always stands out in TheBillionArt is the security when buying works of art, its implication in demonstrating and verifying that they are real works is extreme.
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Do you want to work with us?

TheBillionArt puts its affiliate network into circulation, this includes a large share between a purchase or a sale within our company.

If you have a relationship or an acquaintance interested in buying or selling a work of art ...


Find out how to work in our affiliate network.

Are you a Art Gallery?

Are you a Museum?

Are you a Museum?

Are you a Museum?

TheBillionArt has digital marketing services for sale on behalf of Art Galleries or Museums.

This alternative that we are offering is completely free, you are in front of the first house to buy - sell art with this feature! Yes, Free!

The Billion Pay

TheBillionArt presents its form of payment, this form of payment gives security to both the buyer and the seller.

With this method TheBillionArt is fully responsible for the security of payments and delivery of the work.

Payment is withheld until the seller sends us a photo of the work and indicates that everything is perfect!