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TheBillionArt is the new brokerage house for works of art, here the largest art collectors looking for their next purchase are central.


Participate in a community where the dedication of a team focused on determining the art sector increases your international recognition, which in a nutshell is increasing your productivity and your sales.



Due to the high demand for our services, our team is divided into several departments, so we must centralize general rules and concepts for all artists.



1.- Temporalidad de contrato.

Los contratos de TheBillionArt con nuevos pintores tienen una temporalidad renovable de un año desde la solicitud para reguistrarse como pintor. Este período puede ser revocable si es aceptado por las dos partes.

2.- Garantía de beneficios.

Consideramos que los nuevos pintores que no hayan logrado una venta en el período de 1 año desde el comienzo con nuestro equipo, deben recibir una aportación de 29,90€ por las molestias ocasionadas. 

3.- Garantías de autenticidad.

Todas las obras de arte que se venden en TheBillionArt deben ir con su acreditación de autenticidad. Este certificado tiene que ir debidamente firmado por el artista donde justifica que su obra es original y única. Además se acompaña del número con el que esas obra de arte ha sido registrada ante el registro de propiedad intelectual correspondiente. A mayores, TheBillionArt archiva los datos de la obra con su correspondiente certificado.

4.- Tarifas de venta.

Below we show the amounts that will be applied to each sale.

This will be discounted when you are paid for each work.

Unlike other auction houses and sale of works, painters can sell directly with us without charging any amount upfront.

from € 0 to € 50,000                             - 6%

from € 50,000 to € 250,000                   - 5%

from € 250,000 to € 1,000,000              - 4%

from € 1,000,000 to € 10,000,000         - 3%

More than € 10,000,000 To be agreed.

5.- Form and delivery time.

Once TheBillionArt has received payment for the work of art plus the shipping cost, the painter will be notified by mail or by phone that within 3 days they have to send the work and the signed certificate of authenticity to the location that we will contribute.


Payment security.- When a buyer places the order and processes the payment, TheBillionArt temporarily withholds the amount.

The painter is requested to send the work and receives 50% and the shipping cost. After a few days, when the artwork arrives to the buyer, the remainder will be paid.

6.- Tarifas de envío.

The painter is responsible for obtaining all export permits if necessary.


When the buyer places an order, the following shipping RATES are charged



- International shipping: € 39.90

- Shipping or national: € 19.90


These rates are standardized to always have an equal shipping cost from the most unfavorable amount and the most favorable amount.


Our recommended transport companies are:

MRW, SEUR, DHL, FedEx, UPS, Halcourier.


Packing ways.


The shipment of the works of art has to be regulated to the conditions of shipment of these both in quality and form of packaging, without causing any visible or technical alteration.

packing recommendations are bubble wrap, shaped EPS plastic and wooden box if framed.

If it does not have a frame, bubble wrap, foamed plastic in film in each roll layer and inside a flat holder. The use of rubber bands to squeeze the rust off the canvas is not recommended.





7.- Claims.

For any claim, the user / client may contact TheBillionArt through the email address or by covering the request in the "contact" section.


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