The team

We act in the territory of the foreseeable, scheduled and verifiable. We form a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in artistic management and a solid base of values transmitted by Cristian López, founder and president of the company.

Main Rationale

General Manager

Cristian López

General Secretary

Alice Berg

+34 604 23 20 29

Sales Department

Soraya Hernandez

Finance department

Javier Palacios

Commercial and logistics department

Pilar Mendez

Collections Department

Alejandro Rey

Curatorial Department

Juan Sebastián

Marketing department

Maria Reyes

Do you need a meeting with us?

The billion art offer to the clients a special service, this service includes that the owner of the company goes to the place where the client wants and there they can have a meeting to clarify all their problems.

This service is being carried out for clients who have problems with payment, location problems of the work, shipping problems ... or simply want to have a coffee with the CEO of the company

Last Visits