The 10 most important ARTworks of Frida Kahlo

Here, in TheBillionArt online gallery we show you the most important works of Andy Warhol and his own style called Pop Art.

Marilyn monroe

by Andy Warhol

CampBell´S Soup

by Andy Warhol

  • Date: 1962

  • Style: Pop Art

  • Genre: still life


by Andy Warhol

  • Date: 1972

  • Style: Pop Art

  • Genre: portrait

Dollar sign

by Andy Warhol

  • Style: Pop Art

  • Genre: Own design

Liz taylor

by Andy Warhol

  • Date: 1964

  • Style: Pop Art

  • Genre: portrait

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The 10 most important works of Andy Warhol

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