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As contemporary art, it is called a form of artistic expression that appeared in the 20th century. Therefore, the concept of contemporary art is relative to each era. This means that the art produced in any historical period will always be contemporary to its presents. For people who lived in the 16th century, contemporary art is the art of Leonardo da Vinci. However, there are three criteria used to determine what we can call the expressions of contemporary art of our time contemporary art and the moment of time; contemporary and avant-garde art, and contemporary and postmodern art. 

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Contemporary art features

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  • According to certain classifications, it covers artistic trends from the early 20th century to the present day. On the other hand, others only treat works after 1960 as contemporary works.

  • Experiments and new things are a value in themselves, especially in terms of new technologies and new materials , including the emergence of digital art and the use of new technologies in the late 20th century.

  • Many central elements of the artistic tradition have been given meaning again, usually ironically.

  • Abandon concreteness and abstraction and adopt geometric figures, lines and chaos as possible forms of expression.

  • There is constant reflection on the nature of art and artists, and this also includes legalized spaces such as museums and institutions.

  • The borders between genres are crossed, pointing to a mixed and uncertain art .

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Most popular styles of contemporary paintings

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Image by Steve Johnson




What is your favorite contemporary work?

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From we want to make it easier for you. We spend a lot of time analyzing and comparing all the models and types of works in order to give you real and useful opinions to let you know which painting or sculpture to buy according to your needs and tastes.

As a result of this exhaustive analysis and comparison of all the works on the market, it takes us to the next step: finding the best prices on the market for you. On our website you can find a wide catalog of works of all kinds: watercolors, oil paintings, plates, porcelain sculptures, metal sculpture ...  Discover them and choose your perfect work!

Paintings and sculptures of  contemporary art

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"Colossal" at the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

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Carlos Fuentes - The Blur  

voice of my memory

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"Sculpture" by Fabien Mérele

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"Deluge" by Sheeba Khan

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"Bronze Sculpture" by Tomohiro Inaba


"Discovery Manifested" by yonah de Beer

Most famous contemporary art painters

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Jeff Koons

American painter and sculptor Jeff Koons created gleaming and brilliant sculptures. The style of this world-renowned artist is considered pop art, contemporary art, and sometimes kitsch. He tried to use his works to express a life of fantasy, peace and luxury. His most popular work is the stainless steel sculpture. It represents a rabbit, as the name suggests, Rabbit, which was auctioned for $ 91 million.


The curiosity to know the true identity of Banksy still exists among his fans because it is still a secret. However, his works began to be sold in galleries and auction houses around the world. In fact, some of the works on the walls painted by Banksy, an artist who creates graffiti and street art, have already been sold. The banks painted in the streets the power to protest against war, occupation and state oppression. Without a doubt, he is one of the most famous artists of our time.

Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama Yayoi Kusama is a contemporary Japanese artist dedicated to painting and writing. He has worked with styles such as minimalism, pop art or contemporary art. His famous polka dot, polka dot or circle paintings have become a feature of his modern style. White paint number 28 sold for $ 7 million - this is one of many examples of his great work.